Hey! I'm Dorian Zgraggen, the guy behind cgbookcase.com, a website that offers more than 200 free PBR textures.

PBR stands for “physically based rendering”, which means that the textures not only consist of one image but of multiple ones. These different types of images are called maps. The different maps tell the render engine information about the material.

The textures are licensed as CC0, which means you can do anything with them.

You can use them for commercial as well as non-commercial projects, you can publish & sell them as part of a 3d model on Turbosquid or you can even resell the textures on their own. You can also share them with your friends. You can literally do anything with them. Plus, don’t have to give credit.

I add six new textures every week (usually on Friday), which you can find on /textures.

My goal with this website is to produce a free library of high-quality textures, tutorials and reference photos so anyone can become a 3D artist. I mainly work with Blender and I really like the spirit of the free, open source world, which is why I started this site in 2016.

Since then, cgbookcase.com slowly grew to more than 200 unique visitors per day thanks to being featured on sites like BlenderNation, Blender 3D Architect and others.

cgbookcase.com is only possible thanks to the support of my patrons. Creating textures takes a lot of time and hosting costs money. If you have a few dollars left, please consider visiting my Patreon page. (There are different perks availale.)

Have a nice day,


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